What you need to know about Max — the rebranded streaming service from Warner Bros. Discovery

Last week it was announced that HBO Max will now be simply known as – Max. To reach a wider audience with its streaming service, Warner Bros. Discovery believes that a rebrand is necessary and that by stripping the service of its legacy brand HBO, the hope is that the new combined network will attract an audience looking for more than just the prestige, adult-driven programming they’re known for – which seems like an interesting play given that audiences seem to be craving more high-quality content

In fact, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO JB Perette has suggested that while the network has provided its audience with decades of provocative programming, he’s hoping to make the service more family-friendly. 

How this gamble will play out is remained to be seen. However, here’s everything you should know about the new platform from its tiered pricing plans to its launch date. 

How much will Max cost? 

Max will launch with 3 different paid tiers: 


  • Cost: $9.99 a month/$99.99 a year
  • Simultaneous streams: 2
  • Video Quality: HD
  • Number of titles viewers can download: 0


  • Cost: $15.99 a month/$149.99 a year
  • Simultaneous streams: 2
  • Video Quality: HD
  • Number of titles viewers can download: 30

Ultimate Ad-free

  • Cost: $19.99 a month/$199.99 a year
  • Simultaneous streams: 4
  • Video Quality: 4K HDR with Dolby Atmos
  • Number of titles viewers can download: 100

What if you already have an HBO Max subscription? 

If you already have a subscription, there’s no need to do anything. Your current subscription will automatically transfer to Max. Your apps across all devices will update to reflect the platform’s expanded catalog. 

When will Max launch? 

The newly branded Max will launch on May 23, 2023. It can be found under a new domain – max.com – for US subscribers. 

What about non-US subscribers? 

After its US launch date, the platform has plans to launch in additional countries by the end of 2023. However, it has stated it has plans to launch in more countries by the end of the year. Given HBO Max’s previous launch, it is safe to assume that Latin America, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark could be a part of this initial expansion. 

What content will be offered in the new Max subscription? 

The new platform will be expanding its content catalog extensively. Max will continue to offer HBO Max’s back catalog, including its prestige original content as well as Discovery Plus’ reality TV. 

That means viewers will still have access to everything from The Sopranos and Sex and the City to Barry and True Detective. However, these programs will also live side by side with Friends and The Big Bang Theory. The platform is also offering every DC comic film and series as well as the entire Harry Potter saga. 

From Discovery, viewers will now have access to programming from reality hits Fixer Upper, 90 Day Fiance, and much more from HGTV, Food Network, Animal Planet, and more. 
The network is also promising a slate of new programming including a Game of Thrones spinoff as well as a Harry Potter reboot.