Reelgood’s building Industry’s First FAST Channels Recommendations Guide

San Francisco, Tuesday, December 20th, 2022 – Reelgood is building its FAST channels guide to help users navigate the overwhelming amount of choices offered by this format, which mimics the linear viewing format used in the past.   

With FAST channels on the rise and even more content to keep track of, consumers will be inundated with choices and decision fatigue. Reelgood’s FAST channels guide will allow a better search using its award-winning recommendation and discovery platform. Instead of becoming overwhelmed by choice or wasting time figuring out what to watch, Reelgood will use viewer data to offer content users will enjoy based on their viewing preferences.

There are currently 1,400+ FAST channels spread across 22 major providers in the U.S. Older licensed tv shows, and movies generally make up most of the content to stream. However, some providers like Roku and Freevee are starting to roll out original content. 

Reelgood is building demos to showcase the data we have running behind this product, and our data licensing arm will be able to schedule a meeting or walkthrough if you’d like to chat. Please reach out to to set up a time. 

About Reelgood For Business

Reelgood’s commercial products are some of the most awarded and innovative in the space, as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in Video in 2022, a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, a Parks Associates Top Leader in Technology in 2021, and a nominee for Most Significant Technology by TVOT in 2022. Reelgood for Business data has been integrated across voice assistants, pay TV services, search engines, AI, research and competitive analysis, and more.

For more information, see the Reelgood for Business website.

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Isabel Riofrío, PR and Marketing Analyst