Reelgood and CTAM partner to create a holiday search tool launch

While the holidays are a great time to catch up with the people you care about, a lot of people use the time away from work to get into the spirit via streaming content. 

From classics like It’s a Wonderful Life, Christmas Vacation, and Elf (just to new a few) holiday programming has become a key way for streaming platforms to engage audiences. However, with more and more streaming platforms, services, and bundles popping up all the time, a staggering 48% of viewers say they find it hard to know what content is on which streaming service.

CTAM and Reelgood help consumers make better choices

This year, to help cut through the noise of endless choice and shuffling content, Reelgood is partnering with CTAM, the media, entertainment, and technology industry’s marketing organization to create and launch a holiday movie search and discovery tool. 
Designed to help consumers cut through the noise of choice exhaustion, CTAM and Reelgood’s holiday movie search and discovery tool will drive consumers to the content they want to see – holiday movies.

How it will work

Using Reelgood’s insight into streaming data, the tool connects viewers with trending movies for each season –  be it Christmas, Halloween, or even Valentine’s Day. If there’s holiday-specific programming available, the tool will find it.

CTAM then uses consumer connectivity sites, – powered by Reelgood’s technology – to allow visitors to browse, search, discover, and watch personalized holiday programming.

Together, CTAM and Reelgood offer viewers more personalization and efficiency than ever before to holiday discover content they might have missed or even had trouble finding.

The holidays are just the beginning

The holiday movie search and discovery tool is just the first of many other planned streaming databases designed to connect consumers with the content they want while eliminating the length of time spent scrolling through an ever-growing surplus of streaming options.