Netflix Feeling Confident with ‘Insecure’ Partnership with WBD, Sees 370% Jump in Viewership

Earlier this summer, it was announced that Warner Brothers Discovery was exploring the option of licensing HBO originals to stream on Netflix. The deal was expected to license many of HBO’s prestige series including Band of Brothers, The Pacific, Six Feet Under, Ballers, and more. 

Licensing deals regarding HBO originals isn’t unheard of, in fact, True Blood currently streams on Hulu and will soon be available to Netflix subscribers outside of the U.S. 

The first of the HBO original titles to stream on Netlifx is Insecure and if Warner Brothers Discovery had any reservations regarding this deal, the series just gave the platform a giant boost of confidence.

Weekly performance of HBO's Insecure since partnering with Netflix

Weekly performance of Insecure since WBD partnered with Netflix

Issa Rae’s comedy-drama series about two best friends dealing with their real-life flaws as their insecurities arise as they cope with an endless series of uncomfortable experiences ran for five seasons and was extremely well-received and critically acclaimed. So it should come as no surprise that after joining Netflix, Insecure had a breakthrough week on July 2, 2023, outperforming the average TV show on subscription services by 6.7 times in terms of streaming and engagement interactions. That’s an impressive 370% increase compared to its average weekly performance in 2023.

Likely due to several factors—its HBO prestige and the fact that it’s still streaming on Max—might account for this giant boost. However, one thing is for certain, this boost is indicative of a momentous step in the entertainment industry, combining the timeless appeal of MAX’s iconic library with the global reach of Netflix.

This deal is the beginning of a shared vision to explore new avenues of storytelling and redefine the way audiences consume content. Together, Netflix and Warner Brothers Discovery will continue to raise the bar, ensuring an unparalleled streaming experience for viewers.