Meet Felipe Lemarie, Lead Data Scientist at Reelgood

At Reelgood, one of our main priorities is navigating the ever-growing amount of data in a very complicated space – streaming. To tackle this never-ending amount of information, we rely on our team to make sense of every piece of data to help users find what they’re looking for – and fast. 

We recently caught up with Felipe Lemarie, Reelgood’s Lead Data Scientist, to find out what challenges his team faces, what a day in the life of a data scientist looks like, and how he’s solving streaming’s challenges. 

Felipe, when did you join the Reelgood team? 

I joined the Reelgood team in February 2020 and have been the Lead Data Scientist for 3 years now. 

What can you tell us about your role as Lead Data Scientist at Reelgood? 

As Lead Data Scientist, I lead our team in building algorithms that are fueled by Reelgood’s data to automate and solve streaming issues. For example, my team manages taxonomy – figuring out which tags and genres go to which content. We also tackle content matching, popularity index, and the ad balancer which entails calculating a service rate to fulfill campaign targets. 

Streaming is a constantly evolving industry – what keeps you interested in it?  

The multitude of content and the variability of stories! There is so much going on in streaming and I’m always thinking about creative ways to tell stories, both old and new.  

Because there is such a multitude of content, there must be a multitude of challenges. What are the streaming challenges that you face as Lead Data Scientist and how are you solving them? 

My top priority is making sure we have consistent, relevant, and updated data across all streaming services ready and available for Reelgood users. It’s that simple — and that complex. 

I also work on filtering and prioritizing models. There is just so much data and so much to do that it can definitely be overwhelming sometimes.

What do you like best about working for Reelgood?
The people I get to work with and the product we create. It’s a mutual relationship where the work and the people doing it benefit, evolve and grow together. I also really enjoy the openness to propose new ideas and iterate together. 

What inspires your professional life?

Solving problems. To solve the challenges in data and streaming that we take on every day, you really need to understand how things work. That interest in “the way things work” pushes me to be curious and to explore, learn, and apply that knowledge toward creating something useful. 

At Reelgood, we love to stream and we’re all about lists, so what’s in your Top 10? 

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