Meet Eli Chamberlin, Head of Product & Design at Reelgood

At Reelgood, we’re on a mission to help people stream smarter. Finding something to watch and where to watch it is just scratching the surface. The industry is changing rapidly and it’s crucial to not only stay on top but somehow, a step ahead. 

We recently caught up with Eli Chamberlin, Head of Product and Design, to find out what inspires his work, how he keeps up with streaming’s constant changes, and how he’s helping Reelgood deliver industry-leading solutions.

So, Eli when did you join the Reelgood team?
I joined during the fall of October 2015 – nearly 8 years ago.

What’s your role?
I am currently the Head of Product & Design at Reelgood.

Eli, can you briefly tell us about your role as Head of Product & Design? What do you do? What are you responsible for?
I’m responsible for all things design and the long-term vision for our products. I’m constantly thinking about how Reelgood meets user needs, how we address industry problems (things like where to find something to watch—easily), and how we can create innovative solutions that people need when it comes to streaming and actually love to use.

What are the challenges that you face in your role and how do you solve them?
In an ever-changing industry like streaming, one of the biggest challenges is picking the right thing to focus on when it seems as though there is an endless list of challenges people have when it comes down to finding something to watch. It’s a constant process of listening to users and staying up to date on the industry so we can “skate where the puck is going” to remain useful in an ever-changing landscape. 

Once we have a sense of something we want to do, it’s about lightening quick validation through prototyping, getting feedback from users, and shipping MVPs to gather real-world data. 

It’s a massive team effort with lots of negotiation from design, product, marketing, and engineering to keep delivering industry-leading solutions that meet our users where they are.

What inspires you in your personal life? In your professional life?
As someone who’s quite social, I’m really inspired by the passion other people have for their own various interests –  in both my personal and professional life. Whether it’s a talented craftsperson, a great business leader, a dedicated athlete, or a genius inventor, I’m fascinated by human endeavors where people are really pushing to realize their own potential. Anyone who isn’t sitting idly by in a world of seemingly infinite options reminds me to go out and make the best of each day or activity. You only get one go around, so experiencing as much as possible is the key to a well-lived life for me.

What do you find most interesting about the streaming industry?
Its ubiquitousness – every person I know engages with it somehow, so we have a nearly endless amount of people we can help. 

Its significance – we really do define our culture (particularly here in the U.S.) through our entertainment choices, so being part of that element of cultural or zeitgeist participation for so many people is really cool. 

And last, I personally love TV shows and movies – the craft of making them, the people in and behind them, and the stories we tell are a real joy for me.


What do you like best about working for Reelgood?
That’s easy – the people. It’s a really fun group of personally motivated individuals from around the world that make me excited to wake up each day to push the company forward alongside them. They inspire me with their efforts and I never want to let them down.

What are your Top 5 favorite movies or series? Or, what are you streaming currently?
The most important question for last! Recently my favorite tv show is Silo – from the set design to the performances to the pacing, it’s shaping up brilliantly. 

As far as my all-time favorite tv shows, here’s my top 5: