It Pays to Be Popular: Licensing Reelgood’s Data to Boost Your Merchandising Strategy

When it comes to what to watch, we know that people have a lot of options. That’s why in addition to alleviating decision fatigue for consumers, we offer major streaming players a way to boost user engagement and bring more viewers to their promotional and TVOD content. 

How do we do it? 

By re-creating the award-winning Reelgood experience on your platform by licensing our popularity and trending data and creating promotional rows or carousels with content you want to monetize. 

Here’s how it works, why it’s important, and how you can profit. 

How Reelgood licenses popularity data for monetization

Reelgood’s popularity and trending data are based on users’ interactions with our content across Reelgood’s various platforms. This data provides an accurate representation of current consumer preferences, with trending content prioritizing two things: recency and the lasting impact of popular content. 

Using our popularity and trending data, we arrange our movie and tv show titles based on what users are most likely to be interested in, including creating Top 10 lists across different streaming services, genres, and tags. Not only does this enhance user engagement, it also helps increase user retention by presenting them with relevant content that they’re actually interested in watching. 

When creating a promotional content campaign for our clients, we use popularity and trending data to select appropriate titles to advertise. We also consider a highly curated combination of tags and genres to ensure the promoted content fits seamlessly within the page it’s displayed on. 

For example – we would never display a carousel promoting horror movies on a page with children’s content. 

How we calculate our popularity score

To calculate our popularity score, we analyze a range of user interactions with content from the 150+ streaming services supported by Reelgood. Our analysis includes key indicators such as user interest as indicated by content playback, tracking, and search behavior, among others.

By considering these factors and others, we generate a weighted index that accounts for both content recency and its placement within Reelgood’s pages. Our score calculation process is conducted separately for movies and shows, with a score of 100 being assigned to the most popular content.

How Reelgood’s popularity score differs from Netflix

So, how does Reelgood’s popularity score differ from Netflix’s rankings? 

Reelgood’s popularity score takes into account interactions on our streaming guide which includes over 150 streaming platforms. While we do not have specific information on how Netflix ranks its content, our approach differs in that we consider user engagement beyond a single platform. Netflix only accounts for Netflix. 

How customers use the popularity score for merchandising 

Customers can utilize Reelgood’s popularity score to create a personalized content experience for their users by arranging titles based on user interest. This includes arranging content by popularity and creating Top 10 lists across various streaming services, genres, and tags, leading to increased engagement and retention by providing relevant content.

In terms of advertising, customers can use the popularity score to make informed decisions on what content to promote and display it in appropriate locations, thereby reaching their desired audience.

In the end, you’re probably what kind of impact our popularity score has in terms of CTRs. 

It’s good news: Reelgood has seen a very successful implementation of its most recent popularity score update, as evidenced by a 20-30% increase in click-through rates on content across its platform, depending on the page.

Whether you’re promoting your platform’s own content or are looking to get more viewers to engage with the content you have, using Reelgood’s data and popularity score can help you get the boost you’ve been looking for. 

If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to to set up a time to talk over your options and learn how we can help you with your merchandising strategy.