Is Discovery+ Worth Keeping?

With so many streaming subscriptions bundling and content moving from platform to platform, it can be tempting to cancel a subscription when you hear news that one platform is getting absorbed by another. How simple, right? After all, why pay for two platforms when you can pay for one? 

However, it’s not that simple, especially when we look at platforms like Max and Discovery+. 

Should you keep Discovery+? 

The short answer: Yes. The long answer: Let us explain. 

For starters, Discovery+’s entire catalog is not available on Max. That’s right. Even though Warner Brother’s Discovery combined Discovery+ and HBO Max, cuts were made — for both platforms. While several notable HBO Max titles were either removed or canceled, the new Max still retained all of HBO’s titles. However, Max did not retain every Discovery+ title. In fact, they still live on the Discovery+ platform. 

While Max is home to Discovery+’s biggest titles, there are still many missing from the new combined platform. What’s more, Max adds new content monthly which means Discovery+ titles could get lost in the noise as Discovery+ originals will now be known as Max originals going forward. 

What you get with Discovery+ 

If you hang on to a Discovery+ subscription, you’ll have access to a comprehensive catalog including Food Network, TLC, Animal Planet, OWN, HGTV, Discovery Channel, Investigation Discovery, Travel Channel, and Science Channel. This includes all past seasons. You’ll also access licensed content from A&E, Lifetime, History, and The Dodo and new Discovery+ original content.

Shows currently available on Discovery+ (and not on Max):

Hell’s Kitchen
Pawn Stars
Ancient Aliens
Storage Wars
American Pickers
Forensic Files
Extreme Cheapskates

And 1,287 other titles…..

What Does Discovery+ Cost

Discovery+ offers two pricing tiers:

1. Ad-supported $4.99/month
2. Ad-free $ 6.99/month