Introducing Reelgood’s Customer Portal

Reelgood’s Customer Portal is the one-stop shop for Reelgood’s Enterprise customers designed to support our growth and expansion via access to various services and information related to our products. 

Our Customer Portal’s primary purpose is to offer customers a self-service platform to manage their accounts, interact with customer support, and access resources such as product documentation, our developer guide, assorted product manuals, FAQs, and product tutorials.

Supporting Customer Growth and Expansion

Many of our customers are focused on expansion. As our customers continue to build their products across territories and expand their use cases using Reelgood’s data, our customer portal serves as a convenient hub they can use not only to understand our products better but also utilize to find out which regions we currently support.  

Additionally, our support ticketing platform helps our customers clarify any questions regarding the product. For example, customers can use the support ticketing platform to raise a feature request or report bugs as they integrate our data into their platform.

Who Can Access the Customer Portal?

The Customer Portal is accessible to every person within our enterprise customer’s org or  verified integration partners. 

How does the Customer Portal benefit users?  

Our customer portal is chockful of increasingly beneficial features to aid our enterprise customers’ success, and the best part — they can all be found in one place. Here are some features our customers will find most useful for their growth and expansion goals.

  • Account Management: Customers can view and manage their account information, such as contact details, payment methods, and subscription status.
  • Support Tickets: Customers can create, view, and update support tickets to track the status of their inquiries and receive updates from customer support representatives.
  • Knowledge Base: This is a repository of valuable articles and resources that can help customers troubleshoot issues or answer common questions.
  • Product Information: Customers can access detailed information about a company’s products or services, including technical specifications, user manuals, and pricing information.
  • Community Forums: A platform where customers can connect with other customers and share information, tips, and experiences.

A Deeper Look at Customer Portal Functionality

Many of the functions of our Customer Portal not only offer our enterprise customers convenient and easy access to product information but also aid in customer success and satisfaction – making the portal easy to access at all times is crucial for customers in quick growth stages. 

This is a basic overview of our portal’s functions and how our customers use them: 

Support Ticketing
Our support ticketing system is a process for managing and tracking customer inquiries, issues, and requests for assistance. When a customer contacts Reelgood for Business with a request, problem, or question, the support ticketing system creates a unique ticket for that specific issue, which can then be tracked and managed by the customer throughout its resolution. 

Customizable Requests/Inquiry
Our customizable requests/inquiries are designed to allow customers to submit inquiries or requests for specific products or services tailored to meet their unique needs. In addition, these requests/inquiries can be customized based on the nature of the customer’s business and product type. 

For example, some of our large enterprise customers require an API integration that allows them to log tickets automatically from their QA systems when they see specific data missing. 

On the other hand, a small enterprise or a non-tech customer that only needs to utilize Reelgood’s data often prefers a simple request form to submit their inquiry. Whatever the ask, our customer portal can manage individual customer requests based on their needs. 

Digital Onboarding and Tech/Product Documentation
Digital customer onboarding refers to digitally welcoming and orienting new customers to Reelgood’s product or platform. The process involves using digital tools and resources to guide customers through the initial stages of their relationship with a product and help them get up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Digital onboarding can take many forms depending on the nature of the business and the types of products or services offered. 

For example, product tutorial videos, walkthroughs, or interactive guides are all forms of digital onboarding that help customers learn how to use a product and its features.

Multilingual Support and Content
Multilingual support and content refer to our ability to provide customer support and information in multiple languages. This feature is crucial for our enterprise customers that operate in regions with diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds or that serve a global customer base. 

Help Center
Our help center serves as a centralized hub of support resources and information that customers can access to get answers to common questions, troubleshoot issues, and learn more about a product or service. Our help center is designed to be easy to navigate and includes a variety of different resources, including FAQs, Knowledge Base, and Troubleshooting resources. 

This self-service option helps customers find the answers they’re looking for without having to contact customer support directly, saving them time.

Email, Chat, Voice, and Social Messaging
Our customer portable is able to receive requests through each of these channels. 

Customer Satisfaction Feedback 
To help continue to improve our product, we collect data from our customers about their experience. At Reelgood, we do this by occasionally sending out feedback surveys. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our Customer Portal or are curious about Reelgood’s products or data, please reach out to to set up a time to chat.