Meet Cue: Your AI Streaming Assistant for Personalized TV and Movie Recommendations

Our goal at Reelgood is to connect people with TV shows and movies they love. Today, we’re taking things to the next level by harnessing the power of AI in an entirely new way. We’re excited to share that we’re launching Cue.

Cue is an AI assistant that has an in-depth understanding of your nuanced tastes, and will tell you whether or not you should watch a movie or show. The best show and movie suggestions come from your friends and family precisely because they know your tastes. Now, you can have that personalized experience on-demand. Cue analyzes what you’ve watched, loved, liked, and disliked, then matches it against our billions of data points on preferences of over 100 million users to tell you why you should watch, or skip, any movie or show. You’ll be surprised to see that Cue often understands your tastes even better than you do.

Where to find Cue

Visit any movie or show page on our iOS app, tap “Should you watch this?” and Cue will instantly generate a personalized response that will tell you whether or not you might like it, based on your taste. 

Keep in mind – you must be logged in, and the more shows and movies you rate and mark as “seen”, the better Cue understands your tastes.

How to use Cue

  1. While logged in on the Reelgood iOS app, visit any TV show or movie page and tap “Should you watch this?”
  2. Cue will quickly analyze your viewing preferences and offer tailored insights on why you might enjoy (or not enjoy) that specific title. 
  3. Expect personalized advice such as “Users with similar tastes as you like The Diplomat” or “While it’s a well-rated show, you might not like this if you’re in the mood for something lighter, since there are suspense elements.” 
  4. Tap play, watchlist it for later, or ask Cue to suggest similar titles.

Cue rolls out today in beta. Want to see Cue on Android? Send us an email: