Announcing Reelgood’s Promotional Streaming Planner

This year, we’re hitting the ground running when it comes to product rollout and we couldn’t more excited to announce our latest offering— the Promotional Streaming Planner. 

What is it? 

The Promotional Streaming Planner provides users with an editorially curated lists of TV shows and movies across four categories: 

  • Coming – Will be available in the near future on a streaming platform. 
  • New – Were recently made available on a streaming platform. 
  • Leaving – Will leave a streaming platform in the near future. 
  • Left – Has recently left a streaming platform. 

Why do we need it? 

Currently, the industry lacks a single source of truth for promotional window data. Using our data that we derive from news, marketing and publications platforms, we are able to offer audience a curated list to help them choose what and when to watch more efficiently. 

When will it be released? 

Reelgood is planning to have additional domestic and international streaming services available in two phases. Phase One will be available early in Q2, will include Australia, Canada, and New Zealand and will support Netlfix, Disney+ and Apple TV+ where available. 

We will roll out Phase Two during the end of July at which point the Promotional Streaming Planner will be made available for the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Spain and Italy and will support Netlfix, Disney+ and Apple TV+ where available. 

Currently available to US users only, our Promotional Streaming Planner supports Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max and Disney+. Users can request access to AppleTV +, Paramount, and Peacock or access to sample data that includes Hulu, Netflix, HBO max and Disney+. 

If you’re ready to dive into our data, reach out to for more details.