Tim Cutting, formerly Head of North American Sales at Gracenote, joins Reelgood at a time when streaming TV continues to accelerate its growth amongst mobile users and the next generation of TV viewers.

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Reelgood, the all-in-one streaming guide, welcomes Tim Cutting as the new General Manager of Commercial, to continue helping consumers solve the problem of finding content across multiple streaming providers.

As the TV industry has migrated from the broadcast bundle to a-la-carte streaming at breakneck speed, customers struggle with managing multiple interfaces to access content as everyone from TV manufacturers, search engines, and publishers, even 5G mobile carriers, struggle to help customers find what to watch on their platforms.

“What excites me about Reelgood is that they are solving the streaming data problem with a content-first mindset,”

Tim Cutting

. “People are no longer tuning into a channel; they are tuning into content–be it Netflix or HBOMax or Disney+–that is changing by the minute.” And it’s the Reelgood Streaming Guide that provides a single interface for audiences to find content and businesses a building block in this next evolution of the guide.

Tim joins Reelgood from Gracenote, where he led their broadcast TV expansion into several new markets, the same trajectory he is on with Reelgood to help global customers adapt to this next generation of streaming TV.

“Tim has been at the forefront of innovation in TV data, which is why we’re thrilled to work with him to own this new revolution in TV, which is solving streaming fragmentation for our clients,” says David Sanderson, founder & CEO of Reelgood.

With more than five million users, Reelgood knows that data is a crucial aspect of the business. “Reelgood’s insights are smart, not just factual. This allows our partners and other companies in the industry to make better data-driven decisions across their content organizations, as well as operations and product; ultimately to better compete in the streaming war,” Tim explains. For him, data is the most valuable asset today. So his aim now is to turn Reelgood into the most valuable broker there is in the market.

In this context, Reelgood’s data allows viewers a more democratic way of discovering new content as fast as possible through its app and website. Delivering on the promise of finding the best shows and movies amidst an abundance of choice is meaningless if it takes hours to settle on what to stream.

“What makes Reelgood catalog data stand out in the industry is their consumer data. Context is everything in this new content-first world.—We know the metadata of the show, but we also know if it was trending last week, how the consumer is interacting with it in comparison to content on other streaming services,” he says. This ensures Reelgood accurately reflects the real-time streaming availability of content across the over 200+ streaming services in the U.S.

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